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For over 20 years, Mr. Garner has represented clients on appeal in all of New York State’s Appellate Courts, including the New York State Court of Appeals – New York’s highest Court. During that time Mr. Garner has been successful at overturning numerous trial court decisions and jury verdicts. Mr. Garner personally handles every aspect of the appeals he undertakes, including preparation of the record, legal research, brief writing, as well as oral argument. Very often other attorneys and law firms hire Mr. Garner to prosecute or defend appeals on cases that they’ve handled at the trial court level. Mr. Garner believes that his trial court experience has been invaluable in evaluating and handling cases at the appellate court level. In turn, Mr. Garner believes that his appellate court experience has been an equally potent factor when he handles a case at trial. This appellate court experience has enabled him to successfully argue both pre-trial and trial motions, preserve important legal issues, and effectively present his cases at trial.

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